Book meme!

Jul. 21st, 2017 06:46 pm
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Because I'm procrastinating. A bit on the cutesey side but whatever.

Wait, DW doesn't have a rich text editor?? I mean I usually prefer to enter my HTML manually, but here I could really use it. Motherfucker...


bold the ones that apply.

1. You currently own more than 20 books.
2. You currently own more than 50 books.
3. You currently own more than 100 books.

4. You amassed so many books you switched to an e-reader.
5. You read so much you have a ton of books AND an e-reader.
6. You have a book-organization system no one else understands.
7. You’re currently reading more than one book.
8. You read every single day.
9. You’re reading a book right now, as you’re taking this book nerd quiz.
10. Your essentials for leaving the house: wallet, phone, keys, and a book.
11. You’ve pulled an all-nighter reading a book.
12. You did not regret it for a second and would do it again.

13. You’ve figured out how to incorporate books into your workout.
14. You’ve declined invitations to social activities in order to stay home and read.
15. You view vacation time as “catch up on reading” time.
16. You’ve sat in a bathtub full of tepid water with prune-y skin because you were engrossed in a book.
17. You’ve missed your stop on the bus or the train because you were engrossed in a book.
18. You’ve almost tripped over a pothole, sat on a bench with wet paint, walked into a telephone pole, or narrowly avoided other calamities because you were engrossed in a book.
19. You’ve laughed out loud in public while reading a book.
20. You’ve cried in public while reading a book (it’s okay, we won’t tell).

21. You’re the one everyone goes to for book recommendations.
22. You take your role in recommending books very seriously and worry about what books your friends would enjoy.
23. Once you recommend a book to a friend, you keep bugging them about it.
24. If your friend doesn’t like the book you recommended, you’re heartbroken.
25. And you judge them. A little bit.
26. In fact, whenever you and a friend disagree about a book you secretly wonder what is wrong with them.
27. You’ve vowed to convert a nonreader into a reader.
28. And you’ve succeeded.
29. You’ve attended book readings, launches, and signings.
30. You own several signed books.
31. You would recognize your favorite authors on the street.
32. In fact, you have.

33. If you could have dinner with anybody in the world, you’d choose your favorite writer.
34. You own a first-edition book.*
35. You know what that is and why it matters to bibliophiles.
36. You tweet, post, blog, or talk about books every day.
37. You have a “favorite” literary prize.
38. And you read the winners of that prize every year.
39. You’ve recorded every book you’ve ever read and what you thought of it.
40. You have a designated reading nook in your home.
41. You have a literary-themed T-shirt, bag, tattoo, or item of home décor.
42. You gave your pet a literary name.
43. You make literary references and puns nobody else understands.
44. You’re a stickler for spelling and grammar, even when you’re just texting.
45. You’ve given books as gifts for every occasion: birthdays, Valentine’s Day, graduations, Tuesdays...
46. Whenever someone asks what your favorite book is, your brain goes into overdrive and you can’t choose just one. You end up naming twelve books.
47. You love the smell of books.
48. You’ve binge-read an entire series or an author’s whole oeuvre in just a few days.
49. You’ve actually felt your heart rate go up while reading an incredible book.
50. When you turn the last page of a good book, you feel as if you’ve finally come up for air and returned from a great adventure.

*: Most books are "first (and only) edition", so by that measure I own several; but for the sake of this question I'll assume that's a first edition of a book with multiple editions, where this edition has a higher market value.

no default

Jul. 21st, 2017 11:25 am
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I wish DW/LJ had a thing where there is no default icon and you're forced to choose one to make your post. I keep forgetting to pick one and then I don't want to trigger a useless edit notification for whoever is on the thread post-facto.

I went to take a look at the DW source. It's perl. No wonder no one wants to work on it. They should just restart from scratch. :P

ETA: So you can choose "no default" but instead of forcing you to choose, it picks none, and puts a DW logo watermark in the logo spot. *faceplam*

Failing to post already...

Jul. 20th, 2017 09:58 pm
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So.... it's been a while since I posted. Oops. Real life has been quite busy and I've been finishing off my crafting and I've been seeing my friends a lot which has been quite nice :)

Some old school friends came to Berlin too and I spent time doing stuff together with them which was so so lovely but also made me very sad when they left. I kind of miss who I used to be when I was with them last (so when I was still in school), but life seemed so much easier back then! Laura came visiting with her baby from America and then Jenna came with her husband Yalcin and we went to explore our old school and actually managed to get into the building! Took some photos and explored and then explored Zehlendorf and got some food together. Those days I spent with them was all just so NICE! Fantastic people who I miss and live too far away from :(

I've also been interviewing therapists! Perhaps that is why I've not been feeling the urge to post and detox my brain? So I've seen three so far. Two women and one man, and I think I am veering towards choosing the first woman. She seems quite nice, into helping me talk about things and sort out life management tips for coping, and also into trying to analyse dreams. Never done that before, could be cool. Also the office is in a good location on a bus route near me and there is a small park near where I can sit and think after sessions and there are also food places nearby. I'm going to call and make a second appointment soon :)

Last weekend I went off with my friends to Mannheim for an immersive theatre piece.
It was fantastic. Really really good. I really enjoyed myself and joined in the ceremonies and watched some of their rituals and composed a song and listened to their sect stories of how they believe their world is and watched them try and find new shells for their two missing gods. I have a lot of questions still too and I didn't manage to see everything that I wanted to but it was a very good experience :)

The drive there and back was good too. Out of the four of us only two of us have a driving license and only one of us actually drives regularly. So Laura drove us the 6 hours there in the daytime and then to our Airbnb late in the evening afterwards and then in the morning the next day. Poor love. I took over and did about three hours in the middle after I had rested with some Autobahn tips from Laura from the back. Very helpful! It is a bit scary driving so fast (135kmh at one point!) but I'm glad I did it.

Met friends this week for walks and swimming and dinner which has been real nice too :) Apart from getting eaten alive by mosquitoes in the woods! And packed! Because now I'm off to England for a family event and time with my Grandma and seeing friends and going to the Edinburgh Fringe! It's going to be a pretty fabulous summer :)

I plan to update throughout despite not having a computer with me, or I'll just use a pen and paper diary. We shall see!

Happy right now :) (despite not having finished packing yet! Argh!)

#tbt: Moar space history (pre-2006)

Jul. 20th, 2017 01:12 pm
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[Image of a Cassini spacecraft model inside a black gimbal structure comprised of three concentric rings, mounted on a plexiglass stand and sitting on the corner of a desk.]

Now that I'm back at work, I present another of my Rare Objects from Space History for #tbt. This is a model of the Cassini spacecraft, mounted in the centre of what I can only think to describe as a gimbal. The high gain antenna is pointed toward the bottom of the photo. The model was distributed to instrument teams to aid them with pointing design. It can be rotated around three axes within the gimbal. Each circle of rotation is marked in degrees, so that from a set of numbers indicating its orientation (eg "RA & dec"), an instrument engineer can work out which way the spacecraft is pointing.

I have no idea when it was originally given to our team but it predates me joining the Cassini project (ca 2006).


Jul. 18th, 2017 11:02 pm
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I gave a breathless 5 minute introduction to the Kurdish side of the Syrian Civil War after a prompt on my t-shirt at an NDP event tonight... Wheee. And I'm thinking of making a 10-minute presentation to my co-workers, because why the fuck not. Let's see where this predicator business goes... :P

This is a blog post for genius

Jul. 16th, 2017 04:36 pm
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I have several entries that’s like 90% finished and I may or may not post sooner or later. But that’s for later. This is my current reading (English titles for natural reasons):

L by Erlend Loe. A man - named Erlend Loe - decides to organize an expedition to Polynesia to prove his theory that South American Indians went ice skating to Polynesia. Norwegian Erlend Loe write that kind of bizarre, humorous stories. Sure the “experts” with their “evidence” thinks the Polynesians came from Asia by boats. But Erlend was quite sure the Polynesians came from Southeast America on skates. Why should the experts facts be worth more than Erlend Loe's facts?

The man without qualities by Robert Musil. That’s a book for genius and that’s why I might not finish it, two thick vol. of genius writing is a little much. And it was reference to one of Musil’s description of Austria Hungary. He wrote it was a country for genius and it’s likely the reason it fell. I have read the book before, and I liked the book but maybe not as much as I pretended to like it.

Humm. In 1913 when The man without qualities takes place genius and experts were worshipped. In 1997 when L was written it was a joke that ordinary losers could come up with his/her own crazy, scientific theory, and dismiss the experts. Now twenty years later self proclaimed experts get their place in the limelight by coming up with their own theories. Vaccine cause autism and enemas cure autism (enemas also cure cancer). Climate change is a myth. Modern plant breeding is always dangerous. Sodium carbonate cures cancer (and possible autism ). And the eath is flat ... Of course I myself think I’m a genius and an expert for writing this and I deserve fame for writing this.

I also have Douglas Coupland's Polaroid from the dead by my bed. But that book doesn't fit my "theory".
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It's Forgotten Masterpiece Friday!

Hans Rott (1858-1884) is one of the great what-ifs in music history. Gustav Mahler wrote of his Vienna Conservatory roommate: "It is completely impossible to estimate what music has lost in him. His genius soars to such heights even in his first symphony, written at the age of twenty, and which makes him - without exaggeration - the founder of the new symphony as I understand it."

Rott was, in a sense, a victim of Brahms's rivalries with Wagner and Bruckner. He studied under Bruckner at the Vienna Conservatory from 1874 through 1877, and he was influenced by Wagner's work, having attended the first Bayreuth Festival in 1876. He composed the first movement of his 1st Symphony as a graduation piece in 1878 -- hence Mahler's reference to him writing it "at the age of twenty" -- and it received high praise from his teacher Bruckner. But in 1880, when Rott completed the entire symphony, he was no longer a student, he presented the piece to two of Vienna's leading conductors, Johannes Brahms and Hans Richter, in an effort to get the symphony played. It was rejected almost out of hand. Brahms, knowing Rott was his rival's student, even told the young composer he had no talent whatsoever and should give up music.

Only a few months later, Rott had a psychotic break during a train journey: he reportedly threatened another passenger with a gun, shouting that Brahms had filled the train with dynamite and ordering his fellow passenger at gunpoint to extinguish his cigar. Rott was arrested and committed to a mental hospital. After a brief recovery in 1882 and 1883 in which he was able to begin work on a second symphony, he relapsed into psychosis in 1883 and was committed a second time. A year later, he died of tuberculosis, aged just 25. Where Rott's symphony greatly influenced his friend and one-time roommate Mahler, his untimely demise contributed to the theme of human mortality that pervades Mahler's work.

As for Rott's music, Mahler kept and catalogued it to ensure that it would not be lost to posterity. But despite Mahler's lengthy career as a conductor of major orchestras, he never performed Rott's symphony. The symphony would remain unheard until Gerhard Samuel conducted the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra in its first-ever performance in 1989, more than a century after it was composed. Since then, it has been sometimes described by conductors and musicologists as "Mahler's Symphony No. 0" for the influence it had on Mahler. To be sure, it isn't a mature work; had it been rehearsed by an orchestra during his lifetime, Rott likely would have made revisions. Its orchestration is at times awkward, especially in the brass parts: modern performances generally divide its four horn parts among six players, for example. And to modern listeners, the resemblance to Mahler may be rather jarring -- but remember that Rott completed this symphony seven years before Mahler began to work on his first. Nonetheless, this is a brilliantly moving piece, full of imagination and emotional depth, and arguably one of the most important symphonies of the late Romantic era.

Super Smashing Birthdays

Jul. 13th, 2017 11:36 pm
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Happy a-few-minutes-early-in-my-time-zone birthday to me! :)

And also happy birthday to [ profile] 13catswaltz, who has the same birthday as me! :)

And also also to Luigi - because Mario Bros. was released in Japan on July 14, 1983; my negative tenth birthday. ;)

Hey, there's an idea for a totally nerdy survey...

This page has a table (several paragraphs down from the beginning of that section...) that lists the dates every* Super Smash Bros. character debuted (because in SSB4, the order you fight them in All-Star Mode is based on that).

Use that to figure out your answers to these questions:

1) Which SSB character(s), if any, debuted on your birthday in any year?

2) Which SSB character(s) debuted closest to the date you were born?
Meta Knight (debuted March 23, 1993 - the date closest to July 14, 1993 in that list).

3) Which SSB character(s) debuted closest to the date you created your LiveJournal/DreamWidth/some-other-journal-site account? (If you have/had multiple journals, you may answer this separately for all of them, some of them, or just one. Whichever you prefer.)
My LJ was created on August 19, 2007 - the character whose debut was closest to that is Rosalina (November 1, 2007).
My DW was created on May 13, 2017, long after the debut of the newest character (Corrin, on June 25, 2015).


*Except Miis, alternate characters (the Koopalings and Alph), and characters from Melee and Brawl who aren't in SSB4. I went ahead and looked up the relevant dates in case you want to include them )

Objects At Rest

Jul. 12th, 2017 09:35 pm
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I'm that object at rest. If you're able to get me going, I get going. But whatever shall the unbalanced force in my life be? My life is an unbalanced force, currently. I want to use sheer will to push myself on. I want to inspire myself. I want to get my body up and running again, and my mind, too!

You know, I don't watch TV. I bum off my mother's Netflix account whenever Luka decides he wants to watch a movie with me. That's pretty much it. We were watching The Office while eating dinner or before bed for a couple of days. In the past, we've done that a little bit. Watched a few episodes of The X-Files together, watched some Unbreakable Kimmy Schmit (why was that one of the few shows we've started to watch together? No offense to fans, it wasn't bad or anything, but not one of my favorite shows), some anime stuff....

I decided to ride the stationary bike the other day for an hour, but wanted to keep myself entertained. I was at my grandma's house the night previously, and something on her TV brought up old 90s shows. I think they mentioned Beverly Hills, 90210 and Dawson's Creek. The clips they showed got me feeling all nostalgic, so I decide I'd look them up on Netflix, since I thought the news program said they were on there. But they aren't. But, Party of Five is. So I decided to watch it while exercising.

And now tonight, while Luka is playing with his D&D group, I decided to watch a few more episodes. I think I watched 2.5 episodes tonight. And it is fun! I forgot how cute I thought/think Scott Wolf is, and how young/cute Matthew Fox was. And how pretty Neve Cambell is and how cool I thought little Claudia was (who is Lacey Chabert, of Mean Girls!). So many tense issues in that sentence... anyway...

Overall, I don't think television is something I seem to value too highly. It is fun for a bit, but then I think about the things I feel like I would rather be doing, like reading or writing or exercising or being social.... and then realize that all of those things are more work. But I'm not a TV person. I don't think there is a show I've ever seen the entirety of! I've almost watched all of Arrested Development, Friends, Alias. I've watched a lot of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Full House, a few animes. Oh, I watched all of one version of Full Metal Alchemist. I loved that. I've devoted a decent amount of time watching Orange is the New Black, The West Wing, The X-Files, Degrassi and Skins for like a summer or two. Maybe it seems like a lot. But overall, not a whole lot of my time goes into watching television. At least not now. Maybe in the past? My memory is foggy, it didn't seem like a lot, but listing what I have seen, maybe it was more than I'd like to admit. As a teen, I do remember staying up really late watching shows online.

I decided to look at my old LJ profile/interests to see what else I liked at one time. Oh yeah! Curb Your Enthusiasm, which is coming back! That's a good show. Oh, and Scrubs and Veronica Mars, watched a decent bit of those shows. But like.... those are those shows of my life, I think. Besides, you know, Barney and Friends or whatever. Blues Clues.

Television is fun, and is sometimes something I'd like to dive into, but it's kind of in the same category as video games, unfortunately for my boyfriend. He wishes I was into them more, and it's not that I don't like them. I do. Sometimes I get into a game and I play it a lot. Too much. And I consider it too much and feel it was too much because it's not something that's high enough on my priority list. I guess. It's not a real list I have, just some half-formed gauge inside of me.

It might be because they feel more passive. Kind of. I mean, sometimes good shows or movies or games can be thought-provoking. But I think that's what really counts, for me. I want thought-provoking. I want to learn something meaningful, that will help me grow in a major way. But I'm not doing those things. I'm burnt out, and being sedentary and overweight doesn't help. So something's gotta give to get me back into doing things, creating things, being active physically and mentally.

I've gotta get conscious and make decisions that are right for me. I want to take control of my diet, my body, my mind. I want to be in control of me. I want to live my life imagined, and not just let things happen to me. I want to be go-with-the-flow when it comes to accepting what pans out, the reality of what is right at this moment in time, but I don't want to lie on my back and see what just happens to come to me in my life. You know? That makes sense, right? 

But, it comes back to the question: what do I value? What is important? That online conversation with that guy whose name I can't remember but can only recall he was a lot older than me, and in a wheelchair, always sticks out in my fuzzy memory. Make flash cards of different things in life. Priorities. Rank them. Save them. Review them later. Re-rank them. Always think of my values and re-align myself with them.

What do I value? Let's force myself to answer this instead of taking the easy way out. My health. I value being alive, and being able to function normally, in a way that isn't difficult or limiting. I value my body, and my appearance. This is hard to say, because I've really let myself go. But when I'm honest, I do value my appearance. You have to, because it's part of who you are, and it's part of your body and that's part of you, and who you are. It's important. Others judge you based on it. And matter of fact is, you're gonna be judged. You might not like it, but you can't ignore it, because it's true. So ignoring it isn't going to make it go away. So I want to look good and I do want to feel healthy. I want these things because they will make me happy. I value my happiness. REMEMBER THIS, ME. I value my happiness, so I'm going to fight for my happiness. I've learned that it isn't something that always just comes to you. You have to make it happen with the choices you make. The choices can be as simple as accepting I DESERVE TO BE HAPPY. It's okay to be happy. It's good to be happy! You can be happy. Allow yourself happiness. I will meditate to increase mindfulness, and to squash self-harming thoughts. (Not thoughts of self-harming, but self defeating thoughts, which are harmful.) Something that I do value, absolutely, despite my lacking in this area: knowledge, and education. I think it's very important to be forever learning. I want to learn all of the things! I also want to try new things!

This leads to a sub-topic... guns. I don't really care for guns. Never been fascinated by them, always wanted them to go away. But Luka just put a down payment on one. It makes me a tad bit queasy to think about. But... don't I like learning about new things? Am I open-minded? Will I try something new, and go to a shooting range with him?

Family was always listed on the very top of my values list when I was younger. Back when I think I once had an actually existing, written list. I do still value family. They are important, and I love them dearly. But, I guess they've slipped down the list a bit. I don't choose to make time for them (as much as I'd like to). Then, I have that thought. I think... that means I want them to be higher up on that list. Maybe I should make a real list. This a work in progress.

Personal Values
1. Happiness
2. Family
3. Health
4. Knowledge
5. Education
6. Appearance


Jul. 12th, 2017 08:42 pm
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Was outside for 20 minutes today, now have brilliant scarlet forearms and calves. Was wearing a hat, fortunately, so face is OK. Back of neck probably also colorful, but I can't see that.

(Wouldn't stalked eyeballs be *fun*?)

Got paperwork done to get insurance reinstated; should have coverage again by next week sometime. Hopefully I don't die first, but my record at that is pretty good so far. Searched storage area for shade canopies for next week's festival; didn't find 'em, but did find six folding chairs we can bring along. Arranged ride *to* ride on Wednesday. Need to fall over now while body repairs sunburn damage.

"You can say you were there"

Jul. 11th, 2017 02:26 pm
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Had That Kind of Therapy.  (sometimes I wonder about how the...severity?  intensity? of therapy is reflected in my therapist's offer of a hug).  My face is still stiff with salt and my mind just goes around on this fucking carousel of self-loathing, self-pity and self-doubt.  I'm unemployed, I should be accomplishing all the things before Delight's baby arrives, I should be teaching myself to code, I should be panic cleaning for the house concert on Saturday.  I should get up and go pick up the farm share.  

But I'm tired, and I hate putting the dog in her crate, and it's bright outside, and I can't get out of the bed.  Maybe therapy, farmshare pickup, getting a dog license and going to Manners 101 with Eagerness, then bowling with Light is enough.  Maybe I can just watch bad netflix and cross-stitch.  More precisely, maybe there's a world in which I can do that thing and not self-judge.  It's not this world at the moment, but maybe there is one.

Dropped the ball on the song meme.  My favorite 70s song seemed like it was going to be easy, Ode to Billie Joe by Bobbie Gentry, but when it turned out it was actually released in 1967, I drew a blank.   And since I'm having so much trouble even posting to lj, that was enough to make me abandon the project altogether.   But, once more into the breach, etc.  I remembered it wasn't just music my parents played, but that a bunch of goth and punk things were happening in the late 70s/early 80s.

13. One of your favorite 70s songs - Jumping Someone Else's Train by the Cure.


Jul. 10th, 2017 11:12 am
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CONvergence happened!
I survived. Overall I had a really great time, actually.

As suspected, my many fears and anxieties were unfounded. Mostly. There were times when I felt deeply lonely and left out, and times when I felt absolutely full-stop-functionality overwhelmed, but the were reasonably easy to recognize and cope with.

I enjoyed drifting and not being attached to a specific friend group, overall, because there was less pressure to perform. I could go to a panel alone and later I'd see people and we'd chat or hang out for a while and then we'd drift off to other activities, etc. Nothing was personal. Someone could say: "Oh, I need to go see a panel/do a thing," and because there were so many things to see/do it didn't feel at all like "I'm a loser and no one wants to hang out with me" (a fear I had).

Was a super-low-key day and left me feeling a bit lonely (most people aren't there during the day on Thursday, and I was still finding a groove). I went to the greatest number of panels this day. Some of them were even good! The day started off by me sitting down early with a coffee and then getting wrapped into a three hour conversation about books with a small group of other people I didn't know. That was my first "Oh! These are my people!" moment. I had pretty long conversations with friends that were also very low-key. I had an "early night"--getting to bed by about 2:30 a.m., ultimately.

Became a super-social day. I kept running into people I knew both peripherally (not that well) and as friends. I kept having good, brief, fun conversations. I felt really *on*...until I shut off. There was a weird sort of social barrier that went up at about 6 or so. I had a friend offer to hang out and I declined, saying I just wanted to walk around a bit. And so I did that...and I had more interactions that were good and brief. When I reached a limit, the "hey, I just want to walk around a bit, I'll catch you later, okay?" line seemed very, very cool with people. They understood.

I went to a social anxiety panel on Thursday and one of the things that they said was: Sometimes anxiety can present as extroversion, because you keep flitting from group to group, and you're good for a while, but you get restless and anxious. I felt like that.

Actually, I wished I had a drink to relax me a bit--but the drink-things didn't really open until 10 (some of them 8).

I also brought and distributed a lot of my buttons. That was cool.

I dressed up as Arcanna, which is sort of a sexy cosplay but is made more modest by a lab coat. At first I felt like...I wasn't as easy to approach that way. Fewer people smiled. Fewer people said hi. A friend reassured me that lots of people were probably just hung over. Saturday early is pretty low-key anyway.

There were far fewer panels I was interested in on Saturday, too. So a lot of my day was walking-walking (which I like). I got about 20k steps on my fitbit. I volunteered for a mobile house of toast shift and that was SUPER fun. Performing is a different skill set than having to be social, and so flipping that switch was easy and energizing.

Also, I brought a flask for Saturday. This was a smart choice! Not that I recommend drinking large quantities, but a few sips from the flask in the late afternoon *really* upped my enjoyment of things like being still and people-watching (without that persistent "I'm a loser no one likes me and they only talk to me because they feel obligated" feeling). I was in a much mellower, happier place with a bit of chemical (alcohol) assistance*.

Once the night stuff started going on I met up with various friends at various times and had tons of fun being tipsy and flirty and walking around to various places. Saturday night was my "late" night, and I got home and to bed by about 4 a.m. (The advantage to commuting is that I didn't actually drink that much all weekend, overall--no hangovers, yay!--but on Saturday it meant that it became a late night to account for the drinks I did have.)

I wasn't going to go Sunday, but friends were meeting up to take a picture and were bringing their kids, so I brought Nadia for a few hours. Mostly I was overly-tired and stressed out, and 2 year olds are hard to manage at things like this. But it gave D a break.

Also, I dislike seeing the end of things. I don't like going to the State Fair on the final day--there's a sadness about things still going on, but lots of stuff being packed up and taken away.

Overall it was a good-to-great experience. The low points were brief in the relative sense.
I'm missing a lot of stuff in this little recap. But it's a bit of a whirlwind experience, really.

*It's easy for me to go to a bar and not drink. To go to a party and not drink (well, depending on how well I know people and how overwhelmed I am at the outset). But I have an AA checkbox relationship with alcohol in this way: I like to have a drink (not get drunk or have lots of drinks) when I'm alone or alone-in-a-social-setting. I like to have a glass of wine while watching my favorite show. I liked sipping from the flask and walking around a little bit looser and less worried about the wheels of anxiety spinning in my own head. AA says this is an alcoholic warning sign (only one of many, granted) but still. It seems sort of judgey that this is a metric of alcoholism--drinking "alone" vs. drinking as a social experience. WTF, AA? Or maybe there is reasoning behind it that is beyond arbitrary.

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Jul. 9th, 2017 03:54 pm
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As you may have heard Photobucket wants to charge $400 per year to allow you to post a photo on a third party site. I have been having a frustrating time finding some place that will replace it; things don't work well with Chrome. I've had an endless loop of stupid with Flicker that I had a account with at one time but now remember nothing about it. Anyway, Photobucket is allowing (just, I think)paid accounts that are in good standing to do the usual thing until 2018.

So this is what I wanted to post. I said you had to add booze to win )

I'm trying to do some walking for exercise and my reward was getting a blister on my bunion.

(no subject)

Jul. 8th, 2017 06:32 pm
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In the local mall I just saw on a screen that they have a free workshop for making your own finger spinners. On the screen one saw the spinners was partly made of wood, it must be some woodwork involved. So since that’s one of several things that’s organized in my neighborhood this summer, is this the time I should write how wonderful my immigrant's/student's neighborhood is? They organize things like that. Here there I a magic light summer night can take a walk and see both girls in hijabs playing football and students grilling pork and drinking beer? And there we have two middle eastern shops and one Chinese shop.

Or that should be quixotically, and I think I use the word right. But I have honestly never seen anything bad here. And the only political graffiti I have seen has been Socialistic, not Islamistic. Haha. Or to talk about something else, finger spinners is this summer what Pokemon go was last summer? In Venice I took a photo of finger spinners since I thought it was such a “time marker”, is that the right words?

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It's Forgotten Masterpiece Friday!

Nina Makarova (1908-1976) is unfortunately remembered mainly as Aram Khachaturian's wife; the fact that she was a composer herself is typically only a footnote in Khachaturian biographies. The two were certainly similar in many ways. They were classmates at the Moscow Conservatory, both studying composition under Nikolai Myaskovsky. Like her better-known husband, Makarova was partially of Armenian descent and incorporated elements of Armenian folk music into her work; she also took great interest in the music of other ethnic minorities in the Soviet Union, particularly the Mari people of the upper Volga basin. But whereas Khachaturian was often accused of being overly bombastic, Makarova, as evidenced by this symphony, appears to have been the more polished composer with more of an eye to constructing a full dramatic arc.

Makarova's single symphony was originally composed in 1938, only a few years after her graduation from the Moscow Conservatory. It had to wait some time for its first performance, which did not occur until 1947, and even longer for a recording. Makarova produced a revised version of the symphony in 1962, which was recorded by the USSR Symphony Orchestra in 1967 -- but even the recorded version languished in obscurity for decades, before a small label called Russian Disc rediscovered it and re-released it on CD in 1994. To date, only this one recording has been made. This is a colorful, dramatic yet nuanced symphony that exemplifies the best of Russian late Romanticism and should appeal to anyone who enjoys Prokofiev or Khachaturian.

I. Allegro moderato
II. Andante sostenuto (11:33)
III. Allegro energico (25:03)

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